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rent & return when your baby outgrows the box

Just the Basics

30 Items

Our Just the Basics box is for filling out your baby's closet after you receive 8 fancy dresses and 0 simple sweatpants as gifts.
This is a great option for parents who have done some shopping already and need some basic options that will easily match with the items they have already bought.
30 Items:
2 Shirts With Snaps
2 Shirts Without Snaps
4 Pants
2 All In One Outfits (dress/romper/jumpsuit)
7 Pajamas
1 Light Sweaters or Jackets
4 Bibs
7 Pairs of Socks
2 Hats

Essentials + Fun

50 Items

We think of our Essentials + Fun box as the "just right" box. You get both easy essentials and fun special pieces all selected to easily mix and match into over 100 outfits.
This is the perfect gift for a new parent - imagine receiving 3 months worth of clothes instead of 4 or 5 items!! It's also perfect for a parent looking to save time and money by ordering the whole closet with one click.
50 Items:
4 Shirts With Snaps
4 Shirts Without Snaps
7 Pants
7 All In One Outfits (dress/romper/jumpsuit)
7 Pajamas
4 Light Sweaters or Jackets
7 Bibs
7 Pairs of Socks
3 Hats

Everything Baby

90 Items

If you never want your baby to be an outfit-repeater, Everything Baby is the box for you!
This box is perfect for a parent who wants to stretch out the days between the dreaded laundry chore, or who wants to fill their baby's closet without having to shop for hours.
90 Items:
8 Shirts With Snaps
8 Shirts Without Snaps
12 Pants
10 Pajamas
15 All In One Outfits (dress/romper/jumpsuit)
8 Light Sweaters or Jackets
10 Bibs
14 Pairs of Socks
4 Hats
2 Seasonal Add Ons (Swimsuit/snowsuit)

Just added! Our 'Tis The Season box

$45 for 10 cozy items

'Tis The Season boxes are the the perfect way to keep your babies cozy as the temperatures drop.

This box is great for parents whose kids are going to switch sizes during the winter (the only thing worse than dropping big bucks on one snow suit is dropping big bucks on two), or for parents who have filled their baby's closet but need some extra-warm clothes for those extra-cold days.

10 Items:

3 seasonal pajamas

2 layers (fleece or sweatshirt)

2 fleece one-pieces

2 hats

1 puffer snow suit

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