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Borrow Clothes

The Borrow baby clothes box has everything you need to dress your baby.  Simply choose which color accent you want and select your baby's size, and your curated box of basics (and some fun pieces) will be on its way.
Your next box with the next size up will ship 75 days later, with a
free returns bag enclosed. If you need to keep the clothes for longer
or get the next size early, just let us know and we will adjust
delivery timing.
All borrowed clothes are cleaned with our extensive cleaning process before going to their new home.

Borrow Toys

Coming soon - Borrow Toys!
A monthly subscription of toys curated for your baby's age and development. Help your baby stay engaged and learning, and don't worry when they get bored (you know they will) - just pack everything back up and a new box of goodies will be on its way.