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Through trial and error with our own babies, we developed a laundry routine to get the clothes looking like new when they arrive on your doorstep.

  1. When we receive back a  box of Borrowed clothes, we first check for stains or tears.

  2.  We responsibly recycle any torn items, and pretreat stains using Dreft stain remover.

  3. Clothing is washed using odorless hypoallergenic detergents from Dreft, formulated for babies.

  4. Clothing is gently dried to maximize the life span of each item.

  5. After carefully ensuring each item looks as good as new, we press and fold each item.

 We know babies are messy, and we won't charge you for small stains or normal wear and tear of clothing. We do charge a small fee for clothes that are lost or heavily stained, depending on

the item.

We have a maximum number of times that we Borrow out each item, and items that are still in good condition after maximum use are donated to nonprofit organizations working with homeless and low-income families.